JoJo Tillmann // ARTRMX COLOGNE VOL. 1
August 22 - 31, 2008

Starting in August 22nd till 31st 2008 „ARTRMX COLOGNE VOL.01” is a topic based art festival that presents contemporary photography, street art, painting, graphics and video art in an extraordinary frame – a platform for lively exchanges between international artists, collectors, gallery-owners and art interested people.

The ARTRMX COLOGNE VOL.01 exhibitions take place in different off spaces (such as galleries, apartments or empty buildings) throughout Cologne. To participate in these exhibitions, the artrmx e. V. invited young artists to send in their work or their series in regards to the given subject for 2008 „WHERE IS MY MIND?“. In collaboration with artistic advisors, the artrmx e. V. will assemble and distribute the work among the different exhibition spaces.

"The mind of the artist is always the point of maximal sensitivity and resourcefulness in exposing altered realities in the common culture." Herbert Marshall McLuhan

Assault on the senses: in the market of advertisement-bawlers, digital-showmen and politics-jugglers the collective attention fluctuates between uncountable commercial possibilities. It’s about time for a private inventory: What do I stand for? Which detections, discernments and disclosures are in my focus of interest? Where does the outward appearance deceive reality? And which illusion is worth to fall for? The artrmx association challenges young artists: see, where no one else can see! Alert, unconventional and inventive positions are wanted, reflecting the present artistically or in documentary style.

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